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I am a practicing solitary hedgewitch.  Nature is my church and I have lived most of my life discovering and examing the Old Ways.  

Reiki Healing

I have been a Reiki master for 13 years now, and have helped numerous people with inner healing as well as self discovery.  

Wellbeing through Herbs

I have extensively studied herbs and essential oils and will try and help find relieve or cures through the magic of plants and oils.


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My Services

Herbal Medicine and Essential Oils

Herbs were commonly used before western pharmaceuticals were introduced. I will work with you through telephone and e-mail consultation to work out which herbs or essential oils will be able to help or relieve symptoms.

£20 for intitial consultation.

Reiki Healing

I can offer Reiki distant healing or home visit by arrangement.  Reiki healing works with the person's energy and I only act as a channel.  Energy  is onlychanneled for the histest good of the client.


Distance Healing will be discussed and arranged with the client and a suitable time and date can be agreed.

Distance Healing:  £25 per hour

Home Visit:  fee to be discussed.

Tarot Reading

The Tarot cards can be used as a guide if you are facing uncertainty or need clarity about situations.  I am not predicting your future, mainly guiding you through options and letting you discover that most times you know the answer already.

No under 18's.

Tarot Reading can be arranged over the phone or skype.

A full typed up summery of the reading will be send after the reading is completed.


1 hour reading - £35

1/2 hour reading - £17.50

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Aemeth: Hedgewitch, Reiki Practiotioner and Tarot Reader


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